28 Aug - 1 Sept 2023 | UNSW Sydney

Session themes

Session Themes

The organising committee has identified six scientific streams for ICUC11, with each stream covering various sessions and plenaries. These streams include:  

Urban climate processes
  • Boundary layer and urban canopy layer processes
    • Surface and subsurface urban processes
    • Boundary-layer effects
  • Urban hydrology
    • Urban water management and urban flooding
  • Urban air quality
    • Pollutant dispersion in the urban canopy layer
    • Urban greenhouse gas emissions and uptakes in cities
  • Extreme weather and disasters in the urban environment
    • Forecasting and impact assessment of extreme weather events in cities
    • Influence of cities on precipitations and thunderstorms
Urban climate methods
  • Modelling
    • Multi-scale numerical studies of urban environments
    • Cities in global- and regional-scale climate models
    • Urban canopy parameterizations and models
  • Observations
    • New observational techniques to study urban climate
    • Field campaigns, sensor and network development
    • Urban remote sensing
    • Wind tunnel and scale model outdoor experiments
  • Urban climate informatics
    • IoT sensing, Crowdsourcing, and Citizen Science
    • Infilling urban climate networks with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
    • Urban databases and city analytics
    • Geospatial datasets
Biometeorology & health
  • Methods, applications, and translational research
  • Urban microclimate and comfort
    • Indoor/Outdoor Thermal comfort
    • Physiological impacts of urban heat
  • Urban environmental health
Integrated assessments of urban climate
  • Inter-scale interaction of urban phenomena and climate
  • Urban climate and climate change
    • Climate risks and vulnerabilities in urban systems
    • Climate change mitigation & adaptation in urban systems
    • Climate services for cities
  • Integrated urban hydrometeorology, climate and environment systems and services
  • Urban climate vulnerability in developing countries
  • Urban living laboratories: use cases, successful implementation, and challenges
Climate-conscious design and sustainable development
  • Climate-sensitive urban design and planning
  • Building climates and energy
Urban Climate Policy
  • Planning and Governance
  • Knowledge transfer of urban climate
    • Urban climate communication
    • Climate-Informed decision-making in cities
Special Sessions
  • Urban underground climate and sustainable development
  • WUDAPT – an overview
  • Infectious disease transmission and urban climate: COVID-19 and beyond
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), urban policies and climate actions in developing countries
  • Nature-based solutions for sustainable, resilient and liveable cities
  • Urban heat mitigation: observations, numerical modelling and integrated assessment methods
  • Extreme weather and climate in urban areas, their social impacts, and mitigation
  • Exploring co-benefits of integrated low-carbon urban planning initiatives
  • Mutual effects of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown measures and urban climate
  • Energy and water supply facing compound crises
  • Local Government and Urban Climate Management

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