28 Aug - 1 Sept 2023 | UNSW Sydney

Early Career Researchers Workshop

Join us for the Early Career Researchers Workshop

Data visualisation and communication

Feel like your plots aren’t cutting through with your colleagues? Want something sharper the next time your paper is picked up the media? In this workshop, James will show you some easy ways to improve your plots, charts and maps, with an emphasis on group discussion and experimentation.

We’ll be using R for this workshop—but you won’t need any tools setup or coding experience, and the skills you learn will be useful regardless of how you build data visualisations.

The workshop will be conducted using a free cloud environment called GitHub Codespaces. Everyone gets 60 hours free per month (and they shut off automatically when they’re left idle for 30 minutes), so you don’t need to worry about running up a bill.

Please see below for the details:

  • Date: Sunday the 27th of August 2023
  • Time: 1300 – 1600
  • Location: Paddington Block E-EG02 Lecture Theatre Paddington, NSW 2021
  • Additional information: Delegates will need to bring a laptop, and have a GiftHub account created prior to attendance. You can sign up for free at github.com

Dr James Goldie is the Data and Digital Storytelling Lead with 360info, an open newswire supported by Monash University. He has a PhD from the Climate Change Research Centre at UNSW Sydney.